You’ve got deadlines, and you need art.

I make art, and I meet deadlines.

You’ve got a new project and you're working with professional artists, among numerous other professionals, to bring your project to completion. You’ve looked through my portfolio and think my art would be a good fit for your project. If that’s true, you’re in the right place.

I’ve been a freelance illustrator since 2009, and I love my job. As much as I love working with Art Directors to add my creative vision to their projects, I also understand deadlines are the real deal. I have no trouble merging creativity and professionalism. My art’s been used on book covers, hobby games, movie concept art, and even The History Channel. If I can help them, chances are I can help you too.

Let’s work together.

I’m Sam Flegal, and I make imaginative illustrations filled with exaggerated expressions and bold colors.

Contact me at sam@samflegal.com or give me a call at 615-218-3334 to find out my availability for commissions.

My Story

I’ve been fascinated by strange and creative pursuits from a very young age. Fortunately for my budding creativity, I was raised in a household that encouraged my interest in all things weird—my father was a magician and my mother was a ventriloquist and clown. My dad is still a magician actually, and my mom works in publishing with more than 100 books to her name.

I went to Mississippi State, where I got my BFA in Graphic Design. I worked in corporate marketing for about 7 years, before realizing it wasn’t the right fit for me. After encouragement from my wife I switched my focus to drawing and painting which was the reason I got into art school in the first place. I’ve never looked back!

Norse Mythology

I have a deep love for Norse Mythology. In my personal work I depict scenes from Norse Lore, a series I call Fateful Signs.

One Fantastic Week

Along with my co-host, Peter Mohrbacher, I run a weekly webshow about life as an independent artist. We interview other illustrators, art directors, and talk about our experiences being in the business of art. Watch our latest episode over at One Fantastic Week.

The Fantastic Workshop

Growing out of One Fantastic Week, Pete and I started a workshop where artists can live, eat, sleep, and breathe the business of art. We bring in amazing faculty with expertise in various forms of art and business to work one-on-one with attendees, give lectures, and do demos. Learn more about The Fantastic Workshop, and come join us in November.

Awards and Honors:

  • Artist Guest of Honor - Contraflow 2017
  • Accepted into Infected By Art: Volume 5 2017
  • Judges’ Choice Award for The King’s New Crown — JordanCon 2016
  • Artist Guest of Honor — Tupelo Comic Con 2016
  • Featured in ImagineFX magazine, March 2016 issue
  • Accepted into Infected By Art: Volume 4 2015
  • Artist Guest of Honor — Con-Stellation 2015
  • Best Professional Fantasy for Desk Hoedkin — Con-Stellation 2015
  • Best in Show for Split Tongue — Con-Stellation 2015
  • Best Warrior (People’s Choice) for Liberty or Death — Dragon Con 2015
  • Best 2-D (Judges’ Choice) for Death Priestess — Dragon Con 2015
  • Best Color Work for Liberty or Death — Origins Game Fair 2015
  • Artist Guest of Honor — LibertyCon 2015
  • People’s Choice Award — JordanCon 2015
  • Accepted into Infected By Art: Volume 3 2014
  • First Place for Freyr’s Last Stand — Gen Con 2014
  • Best 2D for Freyr’s Last Stand — LibertyCon 2014
  • Judges’ Choice Award — JordanCon 2014
  • Artist Guest of Honor — CharCon 2014
  • Artist Guest of Honor — Hypericon 2014
  • Accepted into Infected By Art: Volume 2 2013
  • Juror’s Choice Award – Gen Con 2012


  • Dragon Con (2017)
  • R&R Games: Minion Board Game (2017)
  • History Channel: True Monsters (2015)
  • Concept art for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse from Paramount Pictures (2015)
  • AEG
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Siege: Clan War (2015)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Thunderous Acclaim (2015)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Twenty Festivals (2015)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: The New Order (2014)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: A Line in the Sand (2014)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Ivory Edition (2014)
    • Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Imperial Histories 2 (2013)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Aftermath (2013)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Gates of Chaos (2013)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Coils of Madness (2013)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Torn Asunder (2013)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: Seeds of Decay (2012)
    • Legend of the Five Rings CCG: The Shadow’s Embrace (2012)
  • Fantasy Flight
    • Warhammer 40k: Conquest: The Great Devourer (2015)
    • Warhammer 40k: Conquest: The Scourge (2015)
    • Warhammer 40k: Conquest Base Set (2014)
    • Warhammer 40k: Black Crusade: The Tome of Decay (2014)
    • Warhammer: Invasion: Game Night Kit (2013)
    • Warhammer: Invasion: Cataclysm (2013)
    • Warhammer: Invasion: The Ruinous Hordes (2013)
    • Warhammer: Invasion: Oaths of Vengeance (2013)
    • Warhammer: Invasion: Bloodquest (2012)
  • Lone Wanderer Entertainment
    • SagaBorn Roleplaying System Core Rulebook (2017)
    • The Dead Gulch (2016)
    • The Ferryport Adventures – The Goblins of Kaelnor Forest (2014)
    • Elves of Uteria (2013)
    • The Tomb of Kochun (2012)
  • Hero Games
    • Fantasy Hero Complete (2014)
    • Monster Hunter International Employee’s Handbook and RPG (2013)
  • 3Some Games, Inc.
    • Heroes of Metro City (2012)
  • Eagle-Gryphon Games
    • Defenders of the Realm: Minions (2013)
  • Game Mash
  • Full Moon Inc.
  • Film House
  • Garmezy Media
  • Immortal Brands LLC